You Name it, the Tricone Tackles it

Tricones are the modern day “little engines that could”, tackling a variety of tasks in every sort of environment and excelling in two specific areas: their versatility and their ability to prosper everyone involved in the projects they drill for.


What could be better than doing one thing and doing it well? How about doing many things and doing them all well?

The tricone demonstrates the value of versatility on a number of fronts:

i. What it can access: Whether drilling for natural gas, water or crude oil, the tricone is adept at tapping a number of substances with precision. It’s unusual to find something that is a true “jack of all trades” in any industry, making the tricone a highly sought after commodity for all the right reasons.

ii. What it can contend with: If a tricone tore through shale like butter but shattered against any other obstacle, it would be of limited use. Fortunately, it’s anything but one-dimensional. Whether it’s clay, hard shale, limestone, mudstone or calcites standing in the way of tricone drilling, it’s no match for the power and persistence of the tricone. Also, with the right choice of tooth and seals, the tricone can handle soft, medium and hard rock formations with equal efficiency.

iii. What it can cost: Drilling projects come in all shapes and sizes. Each one has its own challenges and rewards and, ultimately, its own budget. Fortunately, the tricone has a number of designs that can accommodate a variety of budgets. You can choose from open roller bearing, sealer roller bearing and journal bearing. With different price points depending on the tricone bearing involved, as well as both new and used tricone offerings, you can easily find the right tricone for the job. Large or small, deep pockets or short leash, chances are there’s a tricone for that.


In many ways, the tricone and prosperity go hand in hand. Sure, there’s the obvious connection between tricone drilling and company revenue, but that’s really just the beginning:

i. Worker Wealth: Collectively, tricone drilling projects provide direct employment to thousands of people. From frontline workers like drillers and derrick hands to office support staff to engineers, tricone activity puts food on the table for employees and their families. And then there’s the vast amount of indirect employment linked to tricone drilling in industries like retail, hospitality and human resources, to name a few. Either way, these projects have a ripple effect, offering immediate benefits to drilling company workers and both short and long term advantages for a host of other groups. People who think they have no connection to the industry may be surprised to learn just how connected they really are.

ii. Community Cash: With large-scale tricone drilling projects like the Athabasca oil sands and the Northern Gateway pipeline, the companies involved in tricone activity contribute millions to affected communities, benefiting schools, social services and a number of related programs. Of course, some would argue that drilling can be both a positive and a negative for certain towns, but the pluses are undeniable.


Plan your next project with tricone bits.