tricones-top-the drilling-charts

Tricones Top the Drilling Charts

tricones-top-the drilling-chartsAs we raised our glasses on New Year’s Eve, many toasts were made and many resolutions were born in an attempt to better ourselves.

But the lucky tricone just keeps plugging away, its forms and functions already as close to perfect as it gets. Tricones have not changed in their design in a great many years, and that’s because they’ve already got these three most important areas covered.


For us flawed humans, our quality can always be improved upon. It could mean doing better work at your job or reading a book or two to round out your talking points. In the drilling industry where tricones abound, quality is doubly important, and they have to be quality from the word ‘go’. Projects that utilize tricones involve millions of dollars in expense and potential revenue, so it only makes sense to use high calibre bits such as tricones when failure isn’t an options. They’ve already got it covered.

Uniquely designed with three cone-shaped heads, each equipped with several rows of teeth, tricones boast unparalleled precision while supporting maximum levels of production. And while the results generated by tricones make them well worth the cost, high quality used tricones are also readily available for projects with a smaller budget. Whichever route you choose, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your all-important drill bits are top quality and able to perform under pressure.


As tricones go, it’s essential. You can research for months and choose what appear to be the best drill bits on the planet. But if they aren’t tricones, or they lack the staying power that tricones are known for, you’re putting your project at risk.

Substances targeted by drilling with tricones, such as crude oil, are often found deep inside rock formations that are as hard as, well, rock. Because many tricones are sealed roller bits that are shielded by a protective barrier, and some other tricones are sealed journals with extremely tough faces, they are perfectly suited for what they do. The drilling world is no place for the faint of heart, and that applies just as much to your drill bits as to the people that operate them.

It is this durability that supports a thriving market in used tricones as well. The fact that recycled tricones are often used in the construction industry to drill foundation holes is a further testament to the longevity of tricones, and a key reason for their widespread use. And since longevity means you’ll replace them less often, these drill bits are hard on rock but easy on your budget.


Tricones are all about variety, and not just because you can buy them new or used. They also vary in design so you can find the one that best fits your needs.

Open roller bearing tricones are the least expensive type and offer an alternative for budget-conscious jobs. But you must weigh that against the lack of a seal which makes them vulnerable to jamming.

Sealed roller bearing tricones are like the annoying older brother of the open roller tricones, doing everything they do, only better. Thanks to an O-ring and lubricant reservoir, they are less vulnerable to outside material and thus less likely to jam at an inopportune moment.

Journal bearing tricones are the costliest variety of tricones and worth every penny. Their floating brush seal makes them extremely durable and low maintenance, a great combination when time is money.


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