tri cones-bits-bite-the-competition

Tri cone Bits Bite the Competition

January is a time for all things new, and many of the attributes that we strive for in our resolutions are the same ones that make the tri cone such a hot commodity in the drilling business.

Let’s look at some virtues common to the tri cone that make it a significant player in the world of resource attainment.


We already know about the durability of the tri cone bit, but another key aspect is the role it plays in sustainability on a larger scale.

For example, the local economic spin off and community investment flowing from tri cone drilling projects help support programs, neighborhoods and sometimes entire towns. Not only does this benefit the programs and those who make use of them, but it also helps towns and communities stay in it for the long haul where they might otherwise have been unable to due to economic hardship or lack of infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the royalties and tax revenue that tri cone activities generate are a driving force in sustaining municipal, provincial and federal economies, preserving our standard of living and, in the process, our way of life. As resolutions go, that’s not a bad one.


We would do well to emulate the tri cone in this regard, as it facilitates diversity on a couple of levels.

First, tri cone projects draw from every corner of society when it comes to doling out the fruits of their labor. All classes, nationalities and skill levels are represented in the workers and community members touched by tri cone drilling in one way or another.

Tri cones make it possible to develop and make money in every sort of environment, in every country around the globe.

Equally important is the diversity of opinion sparked by tri cone projects. While controversial, projects involving tri cone drilling like the Keystone Pipeline invite healthy debate that can often lead to a re-evaluation of priorities or a renewed commitment to a chosen path.


The caveman proved to be highly resourceful, adapting to challenges in the environment by inventing the wheel and discovering fire. Our modern day equivalent to that wheel may well be the tri cone, evolving in its structure and functionality over time to meet the demands of different rock formations, varying conditions and divergent projects.

It’s a perfect example of how to hit a moving target by experimenting with new methods and approaches while always keeping the bulls-eye in sight. Always there are slight adjustments that might be made to suit the conditions of its work, but the basic form and functionality remains the same.


They say we are only limited by our imaginations, but few of us really take it to heart. The process of opening our minds to far-reaching possibilities has surely made for some of the most memorable years mankind has ever seen.

That concept is equally true of the oilfield. Had it not been for some serious “outside the box” thinking, tri cone undertakings like the Athabasca oil sands and the Northern Gateway Pipeline, and the benefits associated with them, might never have come to fruition.

In these ways, even drill bits are doing their part to make our world a better place. Inspiration can come from many different sources, and this coming year, we could do worse than to strive to develop personally some of the wonderful traits tri cones offer to the world every day.


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