Three Tricone Bearing Types: A Refresher

When it comes to tricone drill bits, there are three different bearing types to choose from: roller, sealed roller and sealed journal. Each of these is focused on below.

Roller Tricone Bearing Bit

The first are called roller or open bearing types of  tricones bits. These types of tricone bearings are used for shallow water, oil or gas wells. These roller bearings let each of the three cones spin independently.

Sealed Roller Tricone Bearing Bits

The second tricone bit is a sealed roller bearing. It derives it name from a seal that protects each tricone drill bit to protect it from being damaged by the earth during the cutting process. Sealed roller bits also aid in oil-well drilling, and other well drilling exploration ventures.

Of course, through the wear and tear, the seal on these bearings will eventually wear away. When that happens, the tricone drill bit is still useable. It should function as a typical tricone roller bearing, and be used as such.

Sealed Journal Tricone Bearing Bits

The last of the three tricone bit bearing types are referred to as friction bearings or sealed journal bearings. Typically, these are used for oil drilling, as they are the toughest in the face of hard drilling climates and circumstances. These friction bearing tricone bits need drilling lubrication in order to cut through the tough terrain. They are the strongest and toughest tricone bearing bits, and are used to access the most difficult to reach resources.

Choosing the Right Option

When choosing the perfect bearing for a tricone drill bit well-drilling operation, each type serves a unique purpose in completing the process. While all tricone bits are extremely versatile and effective for precise drilling ventures, it is important to purchase the correct bearing based on need. Well drilling is a vital service in today’s global economy’s infrastructure, and correctly executing the process is crucial. By choosing the right tricone bearing bits, the drilling results can be astounding.

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