Geothermal Energy and Tricones Are Heating Up

Geothermal drilling brings on a whole new challenge that is unlike any other. Its high temperatures and geological variables mean that companies need to rely on advanced technology and adapted tricone bits to gain any results. It’s expensive and difficult, but since it’s offering an amazing opportunity for renewable energy, this challenge is welcomed with open arms. Drill sites vary in location, but are required to be near active geological formations, such as landmasses situated over tectonic plates.

Companies have come up with a number of different techniques and equipment to help bring geothermal drilling into the spotlight, but one thing has always held strong: tricone bits. Tricone bits have a versatility that enables them to meet all the high demands of geothermal drilling operations.

What is Geothermal Energy?

Geothermal energy is the heat that is stored in the earth. It includes everything from ground water to the magma found deep below the Earth’s crust. Heat is transferred from deep within the Earth’s crust by the movement of hot rock towards the surface caused by intrusions of magma. Although there are some cases where this energy can be used directly, the majority of sites require the use of fluid, and therefore drilling. The drill sites enable fluids to pass through the reservoir below, so that they can be pushed to the surface. These extreme settings are the reason for advancements made to tricone bits, such as seals and tricone bearing systems.

Geothermal drilling is one of the fastest growing demands across the globe, and it’s expected to increase exponentially over the next few decades. With the growing financial and environmental concerns, geothermal energy is considered an ideal alternative to natural gas, coal and diesel. It boasts both a cleaner and cheaper status. This energy can be used for anything from the heating and cooling of buildings through the movement of hot air through heat pumps to the production of electricity through the use of underground reservoirs.

Where does Geothermal Drilling Take Place?

Geothermal drilling has been focused on by countries such as Germany, United States (western states) and Iceland, because they have properties situated over active geological sites. An ideal location will have a swarm of fissures known as a volcanic system.

What Do You Need for Geothermal Drilling?

Obtaining this alternative energy involves much harsher and challenging drilling techniques. Geothermal drilling requires very specific equipment and tricone bits to withstand the abrasive conditions. Locations are over geologically active sites, and the equipment must be able to maneuver through hard rocks and rising temperatures.

Tricone bits and other equipment must take into account the bit carrying capacity, heat, degradation and wear, and high pressures. It will therefore include enhanced seals and bearing systems, improved lubricants, and more advanced pressure systems, so as to ensure better performance. Tricone bits are known to be versatile, durable, and capable of withstanding changing formations. Tricone bits are also inexpensive and can excel in almost all drilling instances. The tricone bits used for geothermal drilling.