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When learning about tricone drill bits it’s important to know what benefit they provide to different industries. In this article we highlight four of the most popular industries that are using for tricone drill bits. A tricone drill bit is one of the most versatile drill bits on the market today. It can be used to bore a hole into a natural gas deposit, drill towards crude oil deposits, provide usable ground water, and make holes for foundations. Tricone bits are able to break through many different types of rock formations, soft, medium and hard. These formations are broken down into some of the following.


-Soft Limestone
-Red Beds


-Hard Shale


-Hard Shale
-Cherry Limestone

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A tricone drill bit can also be used to extract deposits of crude oil which can be buried deep in hard rock formations. Another popular use for tricone drill bits is to dig holes for water wells, this is extremely important for many countries that suffer from droughts. The last industry we profile that uses tricone drill bits is the construction industry; they use old tricone bits to drill holes into concrete formations.


In the natural gas industry the use of a tricone drill bit is of extreme importance due to the versatility and efficiency that they provide for the drilling operation. When a tricone drill bit is used in combination with Oil-based drilling mud, this can increase lubricity which increases the efficiency of the drilling operation and helps to prevent the tricone drill bit from wearing out as fast.


When trying to extract crude oil out of varying rock formations there is no better substitute than a tricone drill bit. It’s versatile design helps it transfer from softer rock formations into harder rock formations without damaging the drill bit, which is crucial when you consider the amount of drilling that a large operation is expecting to accomplish every day.


The water well drilling industry uses a variety of drill bits including the tricone drill bit in order to effectively harvest ground water. A tricone drill bit is used when the ground water is buried deep below the surface in a variety of rock formations. The tricone bit is effective at digging through different types of formations; which helps improve efficiency for the drilling operation.


When a tricone drill bit is nearing the end of it’s working life it can be re-purposed for the construction industry. The re-tooled tricone drill bit is an inexpensive option for the construction industry when they need to drill through concrete foundations. The foundation holes the tricone drills are making are extremely shallow. This means that the bit can last much longer than it usually would dig for the oil & gas industry.


A tricone drill bit can provide benefits to many important heavy industries. In our article we highlighted four popular industries that the tricone drill bit is being used in. This information shows the all-around effectiveness of the tricone drill bit. A tricone drill bit can be used to dig a hole into a natural gas deposit, bore a hole into crude oil deposits, uncover new ground water, and make holes for foundations.


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