Workover Drilling

Every so often, a production well will need modification and repair - this is known as ’workover drilling’. The term ‘workover’ refers to any kind of well intervention relating to the pulling and replacing of a completion or plug. This may occur in the instance where production tubing is damaged,...
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Make the Right Choice: Tricone Bits vs. PDC Bits

In the oil and gas industry, it’s vital to have the right equipment for every single one of your projects. Using the wrong tools can lead to all kinds of disasters, so it’s important to be sure to have the right information before you start. When it comes to drill...
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Tricones the Right Choice When Things Go Wrong

Drilling projects with tricones are like weddings: You spend countless hours planning every facet of them down to the last detail, just to ensure that nothing goes wrong. And then it does. Given the price tag of most drilling jobs, even with cost-effective tricones as your bit of choice, it...
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The Tri Cone – #1 Over 2 Centuries…for 3 Reasons

They say there’s strength in numbers, and the tri cone is a perfect example. Its strong performance in project after project can be attributed to a number of factors. But since “good things come in threes”, here are three key reasons for its popularity and success. 3 Heads They say...
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The Tricone Geothermal Energy – The Heat is On

If there was a popularity contest for drill bits, the tricone would win hands down. Geothermal energy, though not as well-known as the tricone, is an increasingly hot topic around the globe. To understand why, you need only look at its advantages, drawbacks and prospects for growth in the years...
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Working Safer and Smarter With Tricones

We’re always told that it’s important to work smarter, not harder, but if you’re not working safely, nothing else really matters. That’s where tricones come in. Regardless of the drilling project supported by tricones, there are a number of hazards to be aware of and corresponding ways of protecting yourself,...
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Geothermal Energy and Tricones Are Heating Up

Geothermal drilling brings on a whole new challenge that is unlike any other. Its high temperatures and geological variables mean that companies need to rely on advanced technology and adapted tricone bits to gain any results. It's expensive and difficult, but since it's offering an amazing opportunity for renewable energy,...
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Tricone Arctic Drilling: The Cold Facts

When it comes to accessing new oil and gas supplies with tricone drilling, companies will sometimes get a chilly reception. But ironically, one of the coldest places on earth may be a hotbed of tricone activity in the years ahead. While tricone drilling seems to offer infinite possibilities for securing...
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