Finding the Right Bit for Projects of Any Depth

Tricones-at-DepthTricones have historically been used for a wide range of drilling projects from simple water wells to complex oil extraction operations. We’ll look over a wide range of common well drilling projects and which of the readily available tricones for sale are likely to be used for each. As tricones and other drill bits have advanced over the past 100 years many projects formally considered impossible may be seriously considered. Hard rock formations that would have once been prohibitively expensive have become viable not just for industrial scale projects but even for small scale water well drilling. Regardless of the type of project or the overall scope, there are tricones for sale that are perfect for the task at hand. Generally, for this article we’re assuming the scope of the project is significant enough to warrant drilling as opposed to a driven well, or any other very small scale wells.

Tricones for Sale Today that are Suited for Water Well Drilling

Water well drilling generally occurs at shallower depths than any other kind of drilling, and for shallow projects you are most likely to be concerned about the cost of drill bits. When selecting among the various tricones for sale, shallow drilling operation can usually be completed with open roller bearing tricones, as the loss of durability is counteracted by the lower cost. Open roller bearing tricones can jam more frequently as well, but the smaller scope of the project means that jams are less time consuming to fix, and far less expensive as fewer workers will be sitting idle. Unless the formation is particularly hard you will likely be able to use steel tooth tricones without issue. Furthermore, consider buying one of the many used, refurbished, or “rerun” tricones for sale. For particularly shallow water wells, those less than 100 meters, purchasing a specific drill bit is likely not required as the bit will be included with the equipment rental. Exceptionally shallow projects will most likely use a very basic fixed cutter bit.

Oil Well Drilling at Shallow to Medium Depths

Shallow depths for oil wells can be well under 100 meters, but even going a kilometer or more underground is not an exceptional feat thanks to modern advances in drilling technologies and the kinds of tricones for sale. At the most shallow depths again open bearing tricones may be considered due to the cost savings offered. In soft or some medium formations you may be able to use steel toothed bits for further cost savings. However, such easily accessible shallow oil in soft formations is relatively uncommon in the modern world, so chances are the project will be looking at a depth of several hundred if not several thousand meters. At these depths sealed bearings tricones are a necessity, and you will almost always be using Tungsten Carbide Insert buttons simply for the superior durability and the less frequent drilling halts.

Exceptionally Deep Wells Require the Very Best Tricones for Sale Today

For truly record setting wells no expense can be spared when selecting among the very best that modern well drilling has to offer. Only the best tricones for sale will suffice. The average crude well drilled in 2008 ran 1.8 kilometers below the surface. True record settings like the Kola borehole can reach depths of over 12 kilometers underground, or 40,000 feet. For wells even approaching that depth journal bearing tricones made out of the best composite materials are a must. No expense can be spared on projects of that scope because of the extraordinary cost of any delays.

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