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Benefits of Residential Wells for Homeowners

When you’re looking to expand your well-drilling business, one market to break into is residential water well drilling. Compared to many commercial jobs, setting up residential wells is fast and easy. But marketing to homeowners is different from marketing to businesses and contractors. When you’re talking with people thinking of having a water well drilled on their property, here are some of the benefits to them that you’ll want to bring up.

High Water Quality

Most people consider well water to be better tasting. Also, since well water is pumped and filtered on site, a resident has complete control over what is (and more importantly, what isn’t) in it.

Long-term Savings

After the initial cost of installing a well, the water from the well is free. Usually a well pays for itself within a few years.

Reliability of Supply

Well water only has to travel a few feet to reach the residence. It doesn’t spend a long time in pipes, and it doesn’t depend on the municipal infrastructure. Problems with the city’s water main upstream will not interrupt a home’s well water supply.

Increased Property Values

Given all the other benefits of wells, it’s clear why they increase property values. Potential buyers find wells to be attractive additions to a home, which gives them an edge over other homes on the market. Generally speaking, the value added to the property exceeds the cost of the well, too, making it a great investment for homeowners.

Whether you already provide residential services or are just now breaking into that market, you’ll want good drilling equipment, like bits from Kanadian Bit Supplies, to do quality work.