3 Essential Tips When Searching for Tricones for Sale

Let’s face it: if you don’t have plenty of prior experience drilling wells, it’s tough to know how to search for tricones. Not only is the IADC code confusing, but some of the terminology is hard to grasp. For example, you may be unsure if “rebuilt” or “rerun” tricones for sale is a bargain – or a mistake. What’s more, you might be unclear about what your project requires.

If you’re a little confused or even very frustrated, then this article is for you! That’s because you’ll quickly learn the 3 essential tips for buying tricones. This is especially valuable if you’re a first-time buyer and aren’t sure how to communicate with potential sellers.

Tip #1: Determine the Scope of Your Project

The scope of your project is the single most important factor when determining what equipment you need. For many simple drilling projects under 50 meters, you might not even need a rotary drill. For other projects, you may want to look at a PDC or Fixed Tooth bit.

However, for projects of sufficient depth, you’ll need to evaluate potential tricones for sale based on your scope. Start by checking out the IADC codes to get an idea of different criteria for making the right choice, such as the material, the bearing type and your budget.

Also, be very sure that you choose a bit that is suitable for the rock formations. Indeed, you must have a clear understanding of the rock formation you’re planning to drill before you start. If you’re unsure of the density or composition, consult with an expert.

Tip #2: Find a Suitable Manufacturer High Quality Tricones for Sale

Once you know what bit you need for your project, be sure that you find a high quality manufacturer. Generally, these bits cannot simply be ordered on eBay. Rather, you’ll need to communicate with a seller about what you need. Remember that high quality bits are an investment in the entire project. You don’t want to cut corners here, because the financial consequences can be severe.

Fortunately, you don’t have to leave your office or home to find worthy and suitable manufacturers. There are many high quality tricones for sale online. Just make sure that, at some point, you speak directly with the seller, and verify that he or she thoroughly understands your needs, and is able to help you make the right choice.

Tip #3: Used Tricones for Sale Could be a Smart Option

Used tricones for sale – which are sometimes called “rerun” or “rebuilt” — can be a great bargain, and more suitable for projects that are smaller in scale, are at shallower depths, and where cost overruns are less tolerable than delays.

Most reputable drill bit services will have some rebuilt tricones on hand, but it’s always best to contact them directly and see what is available. A respectable bit supplier will ensure any rebuilt tricones still meet quality standards.

Getting Started

Again, while you may be confused or overwhelmed with the challenge ahead, don’t worry: if you ask the right questions, are realistic about the scope of your project, and “do your homework,” then you’ll make the right choice and you’ll put your drilling project on track for success.

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